Gas Welding & Cutting Equipments

Since Gas Welding & Cutting are processes that use fuel gases and oxygen to carry out welding and cutting of different type of metals, they are also called Oxy-fuel welding & cutting in industrial terms. To increase the temperature of the flame used for welding and cutting, pure oxygen is used in the process instead of air, which allows faster melting of both the metals that are to be joined together with the welding job.

Oxy-fuel is one of the oldest welding processes, in which a welding torch is used to weld two pieces of metals as one. But before these 2 pieces of metal could be joined, they are first heated to a temperature that makes both the pieces of metal melt with the intense heat. The melted pool of both the metal pieces is then supplied with a filler to join the two pieces of metals as one. The filler material used in this process is primarily based on the material of the metals being welded for joining. In Oxy-fuel cutting, a torch is used to heat the metal to its kindling temperature, and then a stream of oxygen is trained on the metal, which burns it into a metal oxide that flows out of the kerf as slag.

At Arcon, we specialize in manufacturing a complete range of gas welding and cutting equipment for the convenience and use of our customers. The welding product range manufactured at our facility includes, pressure regulators, gas cutters, gas cutting nozzles, pug cutting machines, welding Torches, heating torches, glass melting torches, flash back arrestors, non-return valves, industrial gas manifold system, 2-way valves, flow meters, CO2 constant pre-heaters, pressure testers, cylinder opening keys, rubber hoses for welding and other customized products as well. We are always keen to undertake customized jobs that require our gas welding & cutting product range to be modified in design & specifications to suit customer specific needs & requirements.

Pressure Regulator (Single Stage)

  • ISI Approved
  • Used to regulate the pressure of gas in cylinder during welding, cutting and heating processes.
  • Made especially from forged brass.
  • In this series, there are two types of regulators:
  1. Single Gauge: Showing only inlet pressure
  2. Double Gauge: Showing both inlet and outlet pressure
  • Highly Accurate German make 'WIKA' pressure gauges are also provided on request.
A-10X Single Gauge Oxygen
A-1DA Single Gauge DA
A-20X Double Gauge Oxygen
A-2DA Double Gauge DA
A-2AR Double Gauge Argon
A-2CO2 Double Gauge CO2
A-2NT Double Gauge Nitrogen
A-2HY Double Gauge Hydrogen
A-2MOX Double Gauge Medical Oxygen

Pressure Regulator (Two Stage)

  • ISI Approved
  • Suitable for gas welding, cutting, brazing and heating processes.
  • Outlet pressure is more accurate as compared to single stage because total pressure drops in two stages which also results in greater life of diaphragms. In the first stage, pressure is fixed and in the second stage, it can be regulated by using pressure key.
  • Made from forged brass.
  • Highly Accurate German make 'WIKA' pressure gauges are also provided on request.
A-TOX Two Stage Oxygen
A-TDA Two Stage DA
A-TAR Two Stage Argon
A-TCO2 Two Stage CO2
A-TNT Two Stage Nitrogen
A-THY Two Stage Hydrogen
A-TMOX Two Stage Medical Oxygen

High Pressure Regulator

  • Used to provide outlet pressure of up to 100 kg/cm2
  • Available for different gases like Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Argon
  • This regulator has machined brass boy with chrome plating and comes with highly accurate German Make 'WIKA' gauge
  • Pressure is controlled in these regulators through piston type actuation

LPG Regulator (For industrial use only)

  • ISI Approved
  • Used with LPG gas cylinder especially for industrial purposes.
  • Following models are available:
  1. Without Gauge
  2. Single Gauge: Showing only inlet pressure
  3. Double Gauge: Showing both inlet and outlet pressure

Line Gas Regulator (for industrial gases)

Line Gas Regulator
  • Available for Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, DA, CO2 gases.
  • Customised as per demand of the customer.

Gas Cutter

  • ISI Approved
  • Suitable for cutting of ferrous metals.
  • Suitable for cutting with both oxy - acetylene or oxy - fuel gases with only difference being that of cutting nozzle.
  • Made especially from forged material.
  • Provided with standard repairing kit to ensure longer life.
  • Available in different lengths as per requirement of customer.
A-DL9 90º Angle Head Cutter (for general use)
A-DL18 Straight Head Cutter

HM (Head Mixing) Gas Cutter

Head Mixing Gas Cutter
  • Mixing of gas happens towards the head of the cutter instead of injector which is located near the hand grip. Hence, in case of backfire, harm is limited only to the head of the cutter.
  • Same gas cutting nozzle that is used with our model A-DL9 will be used with this cutter.
  • Body and head are made of forged brass while remaining parts of made from extruded brass rod.
  • Suitable for cutting with both oxy - lpg and oxy - acty.

NM (Nozzle Mixing) Gas Cutter

Nozzle Mixing Gas Cutter
  • Mixing of gas happens in the cutting nozzle itself. Hence, in case of backfire there is no harm to gas cutter.
  • Body and head are made of forged brass while remaining parts of made from extruded brass rod.
  • Suitable for cutting with both oxy - lpg and oxy - acty.

Gas Cutting Nozzle

  • ISI Approved
  • Used with gas cutter.
  • Available separately for cutting with oxy - acetylene gas ('A' type) and with oxy - fuel gas ('B' type).
  • ARCON' cutting nozzles are famous for its precise cutting which leads to saving of gas, material as well as time.

PNM Cutting Nozzle (3-SEAT)

A modern and safe way of gas cutting of ferrous metals with nozzle mixing of oxy - acty gases instead of injector mixing. Arcon offers such gas cutting nozzle with ideal length, also called as 3-seat nozzle, because of 3 steps at the head of the nozzle. Ideal for PNM cutting torches for fine & smooth cutting of metals. Length = 80mm (approx.)


  • ISI Approved
  • Safe against back-fire.
  • Two piece design consisting of a brass inner and a hollow copper outer sheath.
  • Oxy-LPG mixing.
  • Cutting range up to 300mm.

Pug Cutting Machine

  • Suitable for cutting ferrous metal sheets and plates in straight direction.
  • Can also be used for circular cutting using circular cutting attachment provided with the machine.
  • Curved surface of the body provides ample cooling space for drive motor and also prevents spatter from sticking to the surface.

Welding Torch

  • ISI Approved
  • These are used for gas welding. These are suitable for following purposes:
  1. Gas Welding with Oxy - Carbide Gas
  2. Gas Welding with Oxy - DA Gas
  3. Gas Welding with Oxy - Hydrogen Gas
  4. Gas Welding & Heating with Oxy - LPG
  5. Brazing with Oxy - LPG/ Hydrogen/ Coal Gas

LPG Heating Torch

  • Used for heating the material with LPG gas.
  • Available with different burners as per requirements.
  • Made of optimum quality raw material which has long life and high temperature resistant making it safe to use.

High Pressure Heating Torch

High Pressure Heating Torch
  • Used for heating at high pressure.
  • Used with Oxy - LPG
  • Comes with spray burner which can be used to heat a wider area.

Special Heating Torch

Special Heating Torch
  • This heating torch provides high pressure heating using only LPG Gas. No Oxygen Gas Cylinder is required with this heating torch.
  • Used widely in foundries.

Glass Melting Torch

Glass Melting Torch
  • These are used to melt glass using LPG and Oxy. Gas
  • Available in different lengths like 8", 10"

Non-Return Valve

  • Safety devices which are used with pressure regulators and gas cutter to prevent back-flow of gas.
  • Available for both gas cutter and pressure regulators.
  • Allows gas to flow only in one direction and prevents it from flowing in reverse direction.

Flash Back Arrestor

Flash Back Arrestor
  • Safety devices which are used with pressure regulators and gas cutter to prevent backfire.
  • Stops the flame from burning back into the equipment causing damage or explosion.

Industrial Gas Manifold System

Industrial Gas Manifold System
  • Used to connect many cylinders to an outlet device to ensure continuous flow of gas.
  • These are customised products made as per requirements of customers. Additional features may be used in the manifold as per requirements.

Two-Way Valve

  • Used to connect a cylinder to two outlet valves.
  • User is free to use either of two valves at a time and also both the valve at a time.
  • Are available separately for oxygen & fuel gases.

Flow Meter

Flow Meter
  • Used to measure flow rate of gas.
  • Polycarbonate tube is used instead of glass which leads to greater life and higher clarity.
  • High quality aluminium knob is used which has long life.

CO2 Constant Pre-Heater

CO2 Constant Pre-Heater
  • Used generally with CO2 regulator. Since CO2 gas is cold gas and often converts to solid state, CO2 heater is used to heat the solid form of CO2 gas and converts it to gas form.
  • Available in two variants:
  1. 110V to 220V
  2. 46V

Pressure Tester

Pressure Tester
  • Used to check the pressure in gas cylinders.
  • Comes with German make 'WIKA' pressure gauges which are highly accurate.
  • Available for different gases.

Hose Connector

  • Made of extruded brass rod
  • Robust Construction
  • Rust Free, Long Life
  • Deep long steps at both ends for excellent hose grip

Rubber Hose for Welding

  • ISI approved.
  • Used to carry gases from cylinders to their place of use.
  • Highly durable.
  • Non-porous which prevents loss of valuable gas.
  • Separate hose is available for LPG and Oxygen gas and the same should not be interchanged.
  • ARCON also provides dual hose pipe where both LPG hose pipe and oxygen hose pipe are joined together using special material. This reduces the effort of the personnel to carry two separate hose pipes for two gases. Also eliminates the kink problem

End Fitted Rubber Hose

End Fitted Rubber Hose Manufacturer
  • Customised end fittings (MS / SS / Brass) available

Duro Rubber Hose for Welding

Duro Rubber Hose for Welding
  • These have same uses as rubber hose.
  • Duro Hose is highly flexible making it ideal for use at all welding and cutting positions.
  • Inner and outer tube is made of 100% synthetic high nitrite rubber having temperature tolerance from -40 to +90 degree celcius
  • Re-inforced with polyester dip yarn (Twin Braided) which increases its durability.
  • Duro Rubber Hose come with warranty of one year.

Dual/Twin Rubber Hose for Welding

Do you face problem with handling oxygen (blue) & acty. (red) rubber hoses while welding & cutting applications?

Here's the solution.
Arcon offers dual rubber hose to be fitted with cutting torches and semi-automatic as well as automatic cutting torches, there is no need to tie both the blue & red hoses and also avoids kink problems with longer lengths.
Both the blue & red hose outer is single extruded rubber, that means there is no joint in between.


  • Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes.
  • For Oxy., CO2, N2, Ar and Fuel Gases including Acty., Natural Gas, Methane and Propane.


  • Black
  • Smooth
  • HOFR rubber
  • Non-reactive to petroleum gases & liquids


  • High strength polyester dipped yarn


  • Blue/green/red (or any color as required)
  • Smooth
  • Natural rubber


  • -42oC (-44oF) to +80oC(+176oF)


  • ISI Approved
  • Anti-abrasion smooth cover
  • Weather and ozone resistant cover
  • Flexible, light weight, less distortion

Arcon offers the same product with customised brass end fittings suited to various industries.

Std. Packing - 50 mtrs. per gunny bag Inner Dia - 6.30 / 8.00 MM MOQ - 50 Mtrs

Wire Braided Hose for LPG

  • These hoses have Wire Braiding and are used for LPG gas
  • These can be used for both industrial and domestic application.

Green TPR Hose (for Argon/CO2 shielding gas)

  • These hoses come with soft inner tubing for excellent grip to the hose connection nipple of flow meter.
  • Super flexible hose for ease at work
  • This is ideal for cold gases like CO2 used in shielding operations in welding, refrigeration & soft drink bottling industries.
  • Available in 6mm ID for smooth delivery of gas flow and to avoid any loss of gas.

Thermoplastic Rubber Hose for Welding (TPR Hose)

Thermoplastic Rubber Hose for Welding
  • These have same uses as rubber hose.
  • Following are its advantages over rubber hose:
  1. Light in weight: Weight of TPR hose is around 150 gm per meter as against 300 gm per meter of rubber hose.
  2. TPR hose is more flexible than rubber hose.
  3. TPR hose has more bursting pressure than rubber hose because of double braiding in it.
  • It is suitable for following welding situation:
  1. Overhead Welding
  2. Circular Cutting

Customised Products

Welding Customised Products Manufacturer
  • We also specialise in manufacturing customised products. Our team of technicians regularly undertake special projects to manufacture complex items as per requirements of the clients.