Brazing v/s Welding

Filler deposit difference between Welding and Brazing

Welding – In welding process, filler material as well as base material both melts to form a welded pool of molten material, which once cools down becomes a strong joint. One thing that is must is that the filler material properties should be as near as possible with the base material properties to attain one of the best welded joints. Structural Steel Industries, Heavy Fabrication Industries uses welding process extensively.

Brazing – In brazing process, only the filler material melts whereas the base material, as against the welding process, does not melt, making the joint not as strong as created by welding process. So brazing is done where base material properties are unknown and we do not want the shape & size of base material to get disturbed. Good mechanical strength of the joint is also not of much consideration. Electronics, Electrical, Automobile industries uses brazing process extensively.