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Electra – Electrodes for Mild Steels

Rutile (AWS E6013 / E7014 & E7024) Electrodes are useful for general purpose fabrication in plate thickness typically below 20mm and non critical impact requirements. They are extremely easy to use on AC with low OCV or with DC.
The electrodes are characterised by smooth stable arcs with low spatter and self peeling slag.
Rutile Types AWS
Electra 3 E6013
Electra 6 E6013
Electra 9 E6013
Electra12 E6013
Electra 15 E7014
Electra 18 E7024


Basicote – Electrodes for Medium and High Tensile Steels
Basic low hydrogen (AWS E7018/E7016) electrodes are useful for unlimited plate/section thickness, for tensile strength above 510 N/m² and for critical impact requirements down to - 50ºC. The flux covering of these electrodes do not contain sources of potential hydrogen, and are rich in carbonates which give carbon dioxide shielding. The hydrogen content of Basicote electrodes are below 5m./100 gm of Weld metal. The use of damp or improperly dried electrodes may cause porosity. (Hydrogen control is essential to avoid cold cracking.)

Operation with AC requires higher OCV and DC operation is optional with electrode positive. Basicote electrodes have easy operability with low spatter and easy slag removal.

Creep and High strength toughness steels
The Flux coverings of all electrodes are basic low hydrogen type. With the increasing strength and hardenability (Carbon equivalent), preheat may become necessary to reduce HAZ hardening and for thick plates/sections
Carbon Equivalent
 CE   :   Preheat
 <0.4   :   Upto 50ºC
 <0.55   :   100ºC
 <0.70   :   150ºC
 <0.80   :   200ºC
 above 0.80   :   250ºC or more

Post Weld heat treatment necessity varies with base and weld metal type. PWHT is essential for Creep Resistant steels.

Weathering Steels
These electrodes are used for welding copperbearing weather resistant steels.
Medium and High Tensile Steel AWS
Basicote 3 E7016
Basicote 6 E7018
Basicote 9 E7018-1

Creep Resisting Steel AWS
Basicote 18 E7018-A1
Basicote 12 E8018-B2
Basicote 12L E8018-B2L
Basicote 24 B3 E9018-B3
Basicote 24 B3L E9018-B3L

High Strength Toughness Steels AWS
Basicote 21 E8018-G
Basicote 21C1 E8018-C1
Basicote 21C2 E8018-C2
Basicote 21C3 E8018-C3
Basicote 24G E9018-G
Basicote 24M E9018-M
Basicote 30M E11018-M

Weathering Steel AWS
Basicote 15 E8018-W2