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Electric Welding Accessories


  • Used as a medium for supplying power from a welding machine to the work being done.
  • ISI approved.
  • Available in both aluminium and copper conductor in sizes ranging from 16 mm2 to 120 mm2.
  • Both copper and aluminium cables are available in TRS as well as HOFR insulation.
  • Moulding process, used to manufacture these cables, ensures longer life of cable.

As per ISI, following should be the weight of copper (per 100 mtrs.) in different sizes of cable:
Size Weight of Copper (per 100 mtrs.) in kgs (approx.)
16 mm2 15.5
25 mm2 24.0
35 mm2 33.5
50 mm2 48.0
70 mm2 67.5
95 mm2 92.0

Welding Electrode Holder

  • Used to hold electrode during the welding process.
  • Available in two types:
  1. Fully Insulated (A-Type)
  2. Semi Insulated (B-Type)
  • Three varieties are available in both these types:
  1. Mark-I (600A/30%): Suitable for all size of electrode
  2. Mark-II (400A/30%): Suitable up to 4.0 mm electrode
  3. Mark-III (200A/30%): Suitable up to 3.15 mm electrode
  • Other than the above, two more special varieties of holders are available:
  1. Heavy Duty Holder (used for heavy duty welding)
  2. Rubber Grip Screw Type Holder

Earth Clamp

  • Used to provide current connection between return current cable and work piece.
  • Full size copper braided net is used for maximum flexibility & good conductivity.
  • Very easy to fit cable to the earth clamp.

Cable Connector

  • Used to connect two lengths of flexible cable. Can also be used to connect flexible welding cable to welding machine.
  • Suitable for up to 70 mm2 cable.
  • Handle made of synthetic rubber which ensures greater life.
  • Gunmetal sheet is used to connect welding cable to the connector which is a good conductor of electricity. Hence there is no heating problem.